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At Street Rhino we aim to bring you not only the most innovative engine additives and treatments for your vehicle, but at the lowest prices you will find. Whether you are looking for a simple head gasket repair liquid, a DIY cleaner kit for your turbo, or an additive to solve your oil leak problem,you're in the right place.


Spray and Lubricant range for almost every job, cleaning, loosening and greasing. Tried and testing by leading BTCC race teams before being released for general sale.


Is your diesel turbocharged car suffering with limp mode? Down on power? Only reeving between 3000-4000 RPM? Don't buy a new turbo yet, a simple clean could be all it needs!

Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair

Simple, pour in head gasket fix with a lifetime money back guarantee! Why spend £500 or more on a new head gasket? Fix it with Steel Seal or your money back!


Our Car Additives range has solutions for blockages, black exhaust smoke, soot & carbon deposits, sticking valves, lost power, oil leaks, irregular idling & much more.