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Lightening Black & Red Wheel Cover Trim Set

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Lightening Black & Red wheels trims are a set of 4, and are available in 3 sizes, 13", 14", & 15". Please select your size from the dropdown menu below

Lightening Wheel Trims / Hubs Caps (Black & Red)

Your wheels can sustain a significant amount of damage over the years, taking blows from loose materials from the roads as well as scuffs and scrapes when you have inadvertently hit the kerb. Replacement wheel trims are available in a variety of styles, and in different sizes, so that you can replace any damaged wheels quickly and easily to instantly improve the look of your vehicle. On a similar note new wheel trims will also improve the all-round styling of the car.

Wheels are one of the biggest eye-catchers and the kind of parts that prospective buyers look at. The range of wheel trims available to buy today from Street Rhino includes standard wheel trims as well as those that have been created with styling and modifications in mind, catering to the tastes of those looking for a practical fix as well as those looking for style purposes.

Wheel Trims / Hub Caps Technical Information

All our wheel trims are of a universal fitment, and are in no way tailored for your specific vehicle, but do not let the cheap prices fool you, they are made to the highest standards, and in some cases out last "brand" wheel trims. Please also note that the locking nuts are for decoration purposes, and it is suggested to secure your new wheel trims with cable ties (not provided)

Before ordering, please check your tyre size. You need the number after the Radial construction (IE R 16 - 16" Wheel Trims), not sure? Contact us with the details below and we will tell you which to choose from.

Street Rhino Tyre Size Guide


  • Adjustable clip mechanism to fit the wheel cover to the wheel.
  • Easy to fit.
  • Secure split wire ring retention system.
  • Rust proof fittings.
  • Withstands high braking temperature.
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