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Power Maxed Platinum Snow Foam 1 Litre

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Platinum Snow Foam cleans and degreases in one operation dispersing oil, grease and general grime with ease.
Unprecedented Foaming Clean Premium Snow Foam Formula Snow foams any vehicle Removes surface dirt Touchless wash Perfect for First-stage valeting PH Neutral Formulation Body shop friendly – non-caustic and silicone-free Power Maxed Platinum Snow Foam is our best snow foam we have ever developed. Platinum Snow Foam, when used through a foam lance creates a blanket of foam that covers the vehicle in a PH neutral, unique formulation detergent that slowly removes dirt and grime without damaging paintwork. The encapsulating foam provides the best touchless wash on the market. Designed as a professional specialist thixotropic liquid based mild detergent with automated foam boosters.
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