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Rimblades Ultra Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors

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Our universal fitting alloy wheel rim protectors are manufactured from a length of tough, flexible and shock absorbent material and have undergone full digital stress and performance testing.

Rimblades Ultra Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors

Rimblades Ultra are manufactured from an extremely lightweight material for reduced rotational mass.  Ultra’s are a great value product designed to offer alloy rim protection from light kerb impact at parking speeds and additionally as a colour trim ring styling upgrade or to cover existing damage on your alloy wheels. They also offer a medium amount of wheel protection against small road debris (flying gravel chips, for example) and parking scrapes.

What are Rimblades made out of?

Rimblades Ultra are manufactured from Santoprene by Exxon Mobil, which is from the TPV family of materials, so although technically a plastic, it has the look & feel of rubber. Santoprene is a very expensive raw material costing triple that of normal plastics. Rimblades Ultra have a thin wire core running through the centre of the profile to prevent the wheel rim protector from ever stretching or shrinking due to extreme temperatures. Rimblades Ultra are factory fitted with a genuine 3M Automotive grade VHB (Very High Bond) tape with an orange heavy duty liner.

Bond on Universal Fitting

Rimblades Ultra have a flexible fitting guide lip on the top side to aid perfect installation. Due to the flexible nature of the material, they are conformable to a multitude of different wheel shapes (although they do require a continuous surface). Rimblades Ultra require cutting to size during each application, and are supplied in 4 x 1.9 metre lengths and will fit wheels up to and including 22” in diameter. Supplied with Rimblades wheel cleaning wipes and Rimblades adhesion promoters.


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